Matt Kons and Kelly Berrall July 22, 2000  
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Surprise Shower
 Saturday June 3, 2000 
Given by Marcia Kons
Location: Germantown VA
This was a complete surprise to me - I thought we were going to a graduation party.  Though, I did find it a bit odd that Matt made me wear a dress, usually Kons parties are pretty informal.  Matt walked me to the door and the first person I saw was my own mother.  I was very confused (she is a Berrall, not a Kons - what would she be doing there?)  But then everybody yelled "Surprise" and I saw that the whole room was decorated in lavendar.  It was really beautiful.  Aunt Marcia put a lot of work into it and it was a lot of fun.

One more funny thing -- Matt's grandma gave us plastic lingerie as a gag.  I was SO embarrassed, but everyone thought it was very funny.

Thank you so much for a wonderful time, Aunt Marcia!!!!!

Room of Your Future House Shower
 Saturday June 17, 2000 
Given by J.J. Berrall, Maid of Honor
Location: Berrall House
J.J. made our deck look so beautiful.  She planned everything out so perfectly.  One of the coolest things was that she asked everyone to go around and introduce themselves and tell how they know me.  Well, some very nice things were said, and it made me feel very nice - all warm and fuzzy :)

I was completely spoiled.  J.J. had ordered sandwiches from Einstein's - my favorite!  She also gave me a beautiful corsage and to top it off my mom and she gave me a beautiful robe and nightie from Victoria's Secret.  It is very elegant and I just love it.

I hope someday  I can throw you a shower as awesome as this was, J.!  Thank you!

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